With the 30 April 2020 deadline fast approaching, is your business ready?

Your company is diligently paying the Skills Development Levies (SDL) to SARS every month, but is it claiming the financial returns of training its staff? In a competitive and sometimes volatile business environment, applying for grants from the relevant SETAs to get the money back for skills development initiatives your company has undertaken can be a cumbersome task for many companies. In this blog post, we will discuss Workplace Skills Plans, and Annual Training Reports, and how they can serve your business.

What is a Workplace Skills Plan (WSP)?

A WSP is a strategic tool utilised by the employer to assess the skills gap within the organisation, and direct the training and development efforts of the workplace.  Each employer must appoint a registered Skills Development Facilitator (internally or independently) to drive the process of developing the organisation’s WSP, and submit the document to the relevant SETA by 30 April each year. The SDF along with the relevant committee must conduct an annual skills audit, which may assume various incarnations appropriate for the size and nature of the business.

WSP’s are significant for several important reasons, inter alia:

  • They enable employers to align their WSPs with their medium and long-term strategic objectives
  • They facilitate succession planning
  • Enables HR departments to place the right talent in the right jobs
  • Enables SETA’s to compile Sector Skills Plans that are responsive to the demands of their respective sectors.

What is an Annual Training Report (ATR)?

Supplementary to the WSP, the ATR provides a more detailed look at your business’ skills development initiatives. It includes all the attendance registers, proof of training costs, and accredited training providers. This report may be submitted to the relevant SETA at the end of your business’ financial year, or along with the WSP. Not submitting your company’s ATR will result in forfeiting up to half of your company’s Skills Development Levies payable in that financial year.

Not Sure how?

We can help.

Initium Venture Solutions can assist your company with the following services, inter alia:

  • Conducting skills audits
  • Facilitating Employment Equity Committees
  • Compiling and submitting Workplace Skills Plans, Annual Training Reports, Pivotal Training Reports
  • Accessing SETA grants and funding
  • Project Management of Skills Development initiatives
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