Navigating through B-BBEE compliance can be costly and cause uncertainty.

With over 15 years in the B-BBEE industry, Initium Venture Solutions creates bespoke, client-orientated solutions to address to your company’s unique challenges. Our team of specialist consultants, with extensive experience in optimising Generic and DTI Sector Code B-BBEE scorecards; are well-equipped to design and develop strategies for any client.


Consultation on all elements of revised B-BBEE Codes


Preferential Procurement

Supplier Development

Enterprise Development

Skills Development

Socio-Economic Development

Management Control

Our suite of services include

  • Pre-Audit report and GAP analysis to enhance BBBEE ratings
  • Strategy Development and Optimisation of B-BBEE scorecard
  • Project management of BBBEE interventions
  • Skills Development strategies and implementation
  • Workplace Skills Plans / Annual Training Report Submissions to respective SETA
  • Employment Equity Submissions
  • Establishing collective ownership structures, and related amendments to CIPC
  • Preparation for BBBEE verification
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